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Unix / Mac OS X

After four decades, the family of Unix operational systems has attained a strong position in corporate servers. Established during the same period, Orsys has always closely followed the evolution of these systems.


Unix/Linux Essentials, Hands-on, 2 days (Ref. BUX)  best orsys       

Mastering Unix, 5 days (Ref. MUX)  best orsys       

Writing Shell Scripts, 3 days (Ref. SHL)  best orsys       

Linux, Mastering Tools, 3 days (Ref. LIU)         

Unix/Linux Exploit and Deployment, 4 days (Ref. UXE)         

Unix: Advanced Administration, 3 days (Ref. UXO)         

Unix/Linux Open LDAP Directory Service, 3 days (Ref. LDX)         

Unix/Linux system developer, 4 days (Ref. LIS)         

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