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Consult our trainings :

Strategy and Leadership


Fast MBA, 3 days (Ref. ABM)         

Building a business strategy, 3 days (Ref. INI)    blended learning     

Designing and implementing a marketing strategy, 3 days (Ref. MAS)  best orsys       

Leadership and Team Management, 2 days (Ref. EAL)  best orsys  blended learning serious games    

Managing Change successfully, 2 days (Ref. CHA)  best orsys  blended learning     

Business accounting, the essentials, 3 days (Ref. IIG)    blended learning     

Advanced corporate management, 3 days (Ref. MOG)         

Creating a realistic, convincing business plan, 2 days (Ref. BUP)         

Mastering payroll, 2 days (Ref. MMS)         

Employee management: Managing with scorecards, 2 days (Ref. GSO)  best orsys       

The digital company, challenges and opportunities, 2 days (Ref. TUN)         

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