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Consult our trainings :

Network, implementation


Networks, Fundamentals, 3 days (Ref. TRM)  best orsys       

TCP/IP Implementation, hands-on, 4 days (Ref. INR)  best orsys       

Introduction to Cisco Routers, 5 days (Ref. ROC)  best orsys       

Cisco multilayer switches, 4 days (Ref. RCM)         

Cisco ASA Firewall, configuration and administration, 4 days (Ref. CPF)  best orsys       

Network Configuration and Troubleshooting, 3 days (Ref. RID)         

Introduction to IPv6 deployement and migration, 4 days (Ref. PVI)         

System and Network monitoring tools and techniques, 3 days (Ref. SUR)         

Network Management with SNMP, 3 days (Ref. SNM)         

Voice Over IP, Technologies and Applications, 4 days (Ref. VON)         

Unix/Linux Open LDAP Directory Service, 3 days (Ref. LDX)         

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