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Consult our trainings :

Accounting / Taxation


Understanding a balance sheet and a profit and loss account, 2 days (Ref. BIL)    blended learning      

Accounting, practical aspects of current account/ordinary transactions, 3 days (Ref. OPC)  best orsys        

Practical aspects of consolidation of the accounts, 2 days (Ref. CCO)          

Implementing cost accounting, 3 days (Ref. ANL)    blended learning      

Understanding accounts payable, 2 days (Ref. FOU)  best orsys        

Understanding asset accounting, 2 days (Ref. CIM)          

Essentials in IFRS standards, 2 days (Ref. FRS)          

Tax law for non-legal staff, 2 days (Ref. IDF)          

Latest developments in tax law, 1 day (Ref. ADF)          

Improving the performance of the financial and accounting departments, 2 days (Ref. SFC)          

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