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Improve your Personal Effectiveness Training

Hands-on course
Duration : 3 days
Ref : EFF
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Improve your effectiveness as an IT manager, learn how to influence others and handle miscellaneous situations. This training course introduces the principles and methods of operational management and encourages participants to make the best of their potential. It provides a valuable forum to reflect, imagine and plan a more successful work pattern.



    Today our working environment involves greater interaction with others, often bringing in diverse know-how. Knowing yourself, making the best of your assets, stimulating change, selling ideas, managing time wisely and using stress to your advantage are crucial... Ultimately, being Effective is a matter of implementing methods and determination.

Style and Attitude

  • Change in attitude.
  • Perceived styles and their impact.
  • 3 contemporary components: authenticity, determination and openness.
  • Relation to power and examples.

Hands-on work
Identifying your predominant style, perfecting other styles, how to deal with different situations and address individuals with different styles. Exploring why your behaviour attracts aggression or resistance? This first section includes various exercises, case studies and ends with a checklist for later use.


  • Principles of individual training.
  • Must-have tools and resources.
  • Valuable learning techniques.

Hands-on work
This second section covers training techniques for both knowledge and know-how. You will discover how our tools and methods can change your desire to achieve your goals.


  • History of Motivation in the company.
  • Myths of individual and collective mobilisation.
  • Understanding your own motivation and its limits.
  • How self-motivation works.
  • Examples of professional and personal goals.

This third section sheds light on one of the most complex dimensions of Personal Efficiency and reminds us of the importance of using and developing our internal energy. Participants are offered a pragmatic and operational approach, including case studies.

Stimulating Change

  • Change, and the mechanisms to achieve successful change.
  • Examples of crisis and conflict.
  • What creates opposition and appropriate ways to solve it?
  • Positive aspects of resistance and opposition.
  • Influence via change.

Hands-on work
This fourth section highlights that chaos does not necessarily lead to immobility. There is a way to prevent, manage, use and generate what seems like a crisis situation. Case study analysis.

Selling Ideas

  • Influencing, having an impact and selling your ideas.
  • Examples where getting buy-in is necessary.
  • 7 essential steps to selling your idea.
  • Hands-on and psychological preparation for selling ideas.

This fifth section offers participants the opportunity to address some of their own personal work challenges.

Managing Time Wisely

  • Analysis of effective time management.
  • Principles and rules of time management.
  • Time management tools.
  • Fast action plan for correcting time management.

Hands-on work
This sixth section shows that taking effective action entails prioritising and setting out clear time schedules for yourself and others. Participants will be given the opportunity to create their own time management strategy to be applied after this training session.

Using Stress

  • Defining stress in the current economic climate.
  • Passion and Pleasure versus Challenge and Pressure.
  • Knowing your pace.
  • Energy and using it.
  • Stress management.

This last section deals with a central aspect of effectiveness: the relation between pleasure and energy in achieving professional success. Participants are presented with concrete formulas.

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This training course has been designed for all managers who wish to be more Effective in the workplace and be a catalyst for change by applying proven methods.

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Generally, courses take place from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:30.
However, on the first day attendees are welcomed from 8:45, and there is a presentation of the session between 9:15 and 9:30.
The course itself begins at 9:30. For the 4- or 5-day hands-on courses, the sessions finish at 15:30 on the last day
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