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Networks, State of Art Training

Duration : 3 days
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This seminar presents an overview of the main protocols, the standardization, the voice quality and bandwith, the migration, the performance and the security of voip technologies, and introduces you to the major components of voice over IP networks. On all these topics, the main solutions are detailed and illustrated with case studies.


After Engineering studies in France and in the US, he worked on telecommunications engineering projects in France, US and Chile. He served as CTO for OpenPattern a french telecommunications company developing an OpenHardware FPGA-based router-board. He is currently working for a Linux-based VoIP company managing the development of the XiVO IPBX OpenHardware appliance. He is the author of numerous telecommunications books among them a reference book about PowerLineCommunications.


Main solutions for networks

  • Main categories of data networks: computers, telecommunications and cable carriers. Equipments.

Network architectures and access

    ■ Physical-level architectures

    • SONET and SDH. WDM and DWDM techniques. Wavelength switching and burst switching.

    ■ Link layer architectures

    • Ethernet frames. ATM architecture and exploitation. PPP frames and links for Internet. Switching techniques.

    ■ Packet-level architectures

    • IP architectures. Routers and layer functionnalities.
    • Routing principles. IP controling and signaling.

    ■ Link/packet layer architectures

    • Label switching techniques. MPLS standard.
    • Distribution. Quality of Service. GMPLS extensions.

    ■ Local loop

    • Toward very high bandwidth. Optical technologies.
    • Solutions from the cable carriers. xDSL techniques.
    • Local loop. WiFi and WiMax. 3G.
    • Optical fiber to the business, to the CPE.
    • Voice (VoDSL) and television (TVoDSL).

Cellular and wireless networks

    ■ Cellular networks

    • Wireless networks typologies: PAN, WLAN, WMAN, WRAN. Hot-spot, handover, roaming.
    • GSM. GPRS. 3G (UMTS, W-CDMA and CDMA-2000) and different flavors HSPDA, HSUPA. 4G. RFID tags.

    ■ Wireless network technologies

    • Bluetooth 3.0 new products.
    • 802.11, WiFi products and WLAN. WiMAX.
    • QoS. Geolocalization techniques.

Businesses networks

    ■ LAN Technologies

    • Principles. Cabling: Supports (UTP, STP, Optical Fiber, Wireless), topologies (rings, tree, star, cell).

    ■ Standardisation and evolutions of the LANs

    • Evolution of the medium access methods: ISO 8802.3 (CSMA/CD), ISO 8802.5 (Token ring). Standardisation.

    ■ Local Ethernet networks

    • Different solutions among the Ethernet family.
    • Protocols in the 802 family, management of the QoS.
    • Virtual networks VLAN and their implementations.

    ■  Interconnections

    • Tools for interconnecting networks. Switching.
    • Overlays networks, CDN and P2P.

    ■ Virtual private networks

    • Data filtering. Security and management.
    • VPN-IP- IPsec and VPN-IP-MPLS environments.

Carriers networks

    ■ Functionalities

    • Quality of Service, control and managment.
    • Signalling. Convergence. Robustness.
    • Voice/Data/Video integration. Interconnecting sites.
    • Virtual private networks (VPNs).

    ■ Internet solutions

    • Internet boom. ISP networks architectures.
    • IP VPNs, IPSec VPNs. VPLS solutions.

    ■ Frame Relay and ATM networks

    • ATM and Frame Relays.
    • Voice/Data integration. Quality of Service.

    ■ MPLS architecture

    • Label switching and MPLS architecture.
    • Quality of service ; MPLS-DiffServ ; VPN-MPLS.

    ■ Policy-based architecture

    • COPS protocol (Commong Open Policy Service).
    • SLAs (Service Level Agreements).
    • PIBs (Policy Information Bases).

IP environments

    ■ Internet-based environments

    • Goals. Fundamental principles of Internet.
    • TCP/IP and UDP/IP global architecture.
    • IPv4 protocol. IPv6 protocol. ICMP, the control protocol.
    • Diff-Serv and Int-Serv. RSVP. IP multicast. IP VPN.

    ■ Applications layer

    • The basic applications: FTP, mail, Web...
    • Corporate multimedia. Voice over IP. Distributed video.

Multimedia, video and voice over IP

    ■ Voice over IP or VoIP

    • From voice encoding to data transport. IETF standards.QoS. VoIP applications and products.

    ■ Video over IP, Video-on-demand (VoD) and IPTV

    • Encoding and compression techniques (MPEG and wavelets). IPTV performances.

Security, managment

    ■ Networks managment

    • ISO proposals for network managment model.
    • SNMP protocol: features, proxies, MIB.

    ■ Security

    • Main attacks: Viruses, Worms and DDoS.
    • Solutions: Firewall, authentication (MD5, RSA), IPSEC ...

    ■ Strategies for the future

    • The future of Internet and Mobility. Smart networks: adapting to the user demands. Autonomic networks.
Participants / Prerequisite

» Participants

Project managers, architects networks, systems and networks engineers.

» Prerequisite

Basic knowledge in networks and communications.

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