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Networks and the future of Internet Training

Duration : 3 days
Ref : RNG
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This seminar will cover the state of the latest features and technologies in the world of networks and telecommunications, emerging technologies and their integraton in the current environments. The different solutions will be described under a technological and economical angle. This seminar targets network architects and engineers as well as IT heads who carry strong knowledge in telecommunications.


Internet and the upcoming generation of protocols

  • The Internet Society. Standardization.
  • The main features of IP : addressing, routing (BGP, RIP, OSPF)...Issues and solutions.
  • Local networks/Public networks : NAT/PAT. IPv6.
  • The transport layer in TCP/IP : UDP, TCP.

Mobility in networks

  • The first generation of mobile networks.
  • GSM and its breakthroughs. Packet mode in GSM networks : GPRS/EDGE. GPRS networks routing.
  • 3G : UMTS, CDMA2000 ; architecture, throuputs, applications. Evolutions to 3G/3G+ : HSDPA, HSUPA, HSOPA, MIMO.
  • Next generations : throughputs, caracteristics (LTE and UMB).
  • Inter-netwoks mobility : vertical handover and cognitive radio.
  • IP mobile architecture in heteregeneous networks.

Prospective for the mobile Internet

  • Mobility, UMTS, 4G and wireless routers.
  • Contrôle. Content Distributed Networks. Signaling. Control.
  • Quality of Service for fixed and mobile networks.

Evolution of the technologies in the access networks

  • Switching : high throughputs, label and contents.
  • Content-based routing and XML routing.
  • Overlays networks, CDN and P2P networks.
  • Services-based architectures.

Controling the Quality of service (QoS)

  • Definition of the QoS : from design to state machines.
  • Traffic engineering. Source-to-destination boundaries.
  • Access control. Packets sequencing.
  • Queues handling : RED, RIO.
  • QoS reults for different technologies.
  • Application-based trafic shaping. The RTP/RTCP proposition.

Technologies and evolutions of the access networks

  • ATM, a possible universal network ?
  • ATM for ISP and telcos.
  • Data control and services classifications.
  • Ethernet-for-all !
  • From 10Mbits/s to 10Gbits/s.
  • From LAN to long-distance core network. 802.17. Ethernet First Mile for FTTH.
  • IP for a new generation.
  • IPv4 and IPv6. Advantages of IPv6 for fast networks and multimedia.
  • IP multicast routing. IntServ and DiffServ models.
  • Different class of services : EF, AF and BE.
  • DiffServ and MPLS. DiffServ and IntServ : differences.
  • MPLS and the new generation of core networks for Internet.
  • Label switching. Origins and reasons.
  • LDP Protocols , CR-LDP, RSVP-TE, G-MPLS for new generation.
  • MPS vs IP. Déployments and key players.

Local lopp

  • Optical fibers access networks (FTTC, FTTH).
  • Cable-TV access networks. Cable-TV modems.
  • Twisted pairs access networks. DSL modems. Throughputs. Other solutions : xDSL, DSLAM.
  • Upcoming triple-play and quadruple-play.
  • Architectures. Home networking : The Wi-Fi and PLC (PowerLine Communications) technologies.

Wireless networks

  • WPAN networks
  • Newer generations and the 802.15 standard.
  • UWB (Ultra Wide Band) and the very high troughput.
  • Bluetooth 3.0, WUSB products and WINET. ZigBee.
  • WLAN networks.
  • WiFi environment with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n.
  • Handovers, Quality of service and security.
  • Fast handover and mesh-networks.
  • WMAN networks.
  • WiMAX. Metropolitan networks and IEEE 802.16. WDSL, mobile ADSL and IEEE 802.16e.
  • WRAN networks.
  • Usage of the UHF/VHF bands for wireless regional networks and IEEE 802.22. Smart antennas and cognitive radio.
  • Wi-xx solutions for networks.
  • Wireless networks and IEEE 802.21.
  • Wi-xx networks vs 4G.

Voice over IP

  • Convergence.
  • Voice over IP, ToIP and VoIP.
  • Towards a full-IP telephony network.
  • Standards, industrial key players.
  • H323 : close the original PSTN.
  • Architecture and deployment using compatible signalling with PSTN.
  • SIP approach and unified communications.
  • An open-system of signalization to build-up services. The SIP Forum. SIP within a 3G mobile network.
  • Comparison of SIP and H323.
  • MGCP and gatekeepers.
  • Interconnexion of ToIP and PSTN devices. Integration of heterogeneous services.

Security and the next generation of Internet

  • Internet security model : still avalailable ? Authentication, RADIUS and IEEE 802.1x.
  • Encryption and electronic signature.
  • Data Classification for security usage.
  • New generation of firewalls. Authentication with chips.
  • Certificates architectures (PKI).
  • Autonomous networks. Networks managment. Smart networks. Virtual networks. After IP.
Participants / Prerequisite

» Participants

This seminar targets network managers, architecture designers and system administrators who need to manage the evolution of their networks.

» Prerequisite

Knowledge base in the network domain.

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