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Mastering payroll Training

Hands-on course
Duration : 2 days
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Learn to identify components of payroll, to oversee constraints, breakdowns, and changes in costs. Find out how to manage skill guidance, staff movements, and changes in working hours as well as processing social security contributions and adjustments to them.

Learning objectives

  • Define payroll and understand its various components.
  • Track and analyze changes in your company's payroll
  • Estimate the impact of staff transfers on changes in payroll.
  • Calculate the weight that each contribution has in payroll
  • Put in place a tracking scorecard

Definition and contents of the payroll

  • The cost of the salary.
  • The basic salary. Premiums and compensation.
  • Compensation factors.
  • Changes in work time and employee protection.
  • Employee savings.
  • Payroll concepts.
  • Telling apart personnel costs and payroll.

Hands-on work
Hands-on work Calculating baseline payroll while integrating issues specific to each organization.

Factors that lead to changes in payroll

  • Strategic and legal factors.
  • The impact of the company's strategic decisions.
  • The impact of decisions by government authorities.
  • Turnover, aging, and skills
  • Raises. Different types of raises.
  • Mass effect: Cost over the course of a year.
  • Deferment effect: Cost over the following year.

Hands-on work
Hands-on workAnalysis and tracking of individual raises.

The impact of staff transfers

  • Analyzing staff transfers.
  • Measuring workforce size. Analyzing fixed-term contracts.
  • Arranging work time and staff.
  • Staff transfers and changes in business.
  • Replacing staff: The Noria effect.
  • Category changes: Structural effects.
  • Staff changes: Staff effects. Activity changes: Time changes.
  • Changes in average salaries: Statistical ratio.

Hands-on work
Hands-on work Case study: Calculating changes in payroll.

The impact of employer contributions

  • Assessing your contributions and changes to them.
  • Calculating your employer and employee contributions.
  • Increases in contribution levels and the cap.
  • Life insurance and pensions.
  • Contribution reductions and exemptions.
  • Fillon Law (France). Tépa Law (France).
  • Impact of partial employment compensation.

Hands-on work
Hands-on work Building a budget of personnel expenses.

Tracking and monitoring payroll

  • What do we mean by managing payroll?
  • Parts of a scorecard.
  • Payroll software.
  • Payroll tracking.
  • Event and group tracking.
  • Deviations and corrective actions.

Hands-on work
Hands-on work Payroll tracking scorecard.

Participants / Prerequisite

» Participants

Any employee in charge of payment or compensation, payment managers, HR representatives, management controllers, CFOs, and chartered accountants.

» Prerequisite

Basic knowledge of payment and compensation mechanisms.

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Generally, courses take place from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:30.
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The course itself begins at 9:30. For the 4- or 5-day hands-on courses, the sessions finish at 15:30 on the last day
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