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Managing Service Providers Training

Hands-on course
Duration : 2 days
Ref : MGS
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Increasing your authority and legitimacy in a non-hierarchical relationship, and encouraging motivation and involvement, is a challenge to be faced in managing outside service providers. This course will enable you to organize and coordinate your service providers, with emphasis on cooperation.

Learning objectives

  • Defining the contractual framework of various service providers
  • Organizing the work of a team of service providers on an everyday basis
  • Boosting your legitimacy and trust with all stakeholders
  • Encouraging involvement with convincing communication.
  • Managing delicate situations with no hierarchical connections

Clarify the contours of the contractual relationship

  • Identify the framework of the relationship.
  • Understand types of management and service providers.
  • Detect the benefits and limits of cross-cutting management.
  • List respective rights and obligations: The legal and contractual framework.
  • Understand the specifics of cross-cutting management: Cooperation, coordination, relationship.
  • Grasp differences in logic and challenges.

Create a map of stakeholders. Build a question grid aimed at identifying differences in logic.

Learn how to institute management without hierarchies

  • Clarify roles, missions, and goals.
  • Structure the specifications and organize the contribution meeting.
  • Identify services providers' goals with the S.M.A.R.T. method.
  • Determine their expectations and motivations.
  • Organize and manage a team of service providers on an everyday basis: Task flowchart, types of meetings, etc.
  • Build the matrix of roles and responsibilities.
  • Define and monitor the expected results of the service: Task sequencing, performance indicators.
  • Establish a partnership: Coordination, cooperation, highlighting common interests.

Listing the items that affect the choice of time between performance meetings. Building the metaplan.

Boosting your authority and legitimacy.

  • Spotting different forms of power. Enhance your credibility.
  • Legitimize your function, your role: Clarify the roles defined in the contract in a participatory form.
  • Develop non-hierarchical authority: Take into account the needs of various stakeholders. Create trust.
  • Affirm your leadership position and build charisma.

Role-playing based on the charisma and legitimacy of a manager in dealing with service providers. Group debriefing.

Adapting your communication

  • Communication processes and channels: Question, listen, rephrase, dialog, negotiate. V.A.K.O.G.
  • Pass along information using appropriate means. Develop active listening: verbal, para-verbal, non verbal.
  • Develop active listening: verbal, para-verbal, non verbal. Use your emotional intelligence.
  • Develop a motivating method of communication for use face-to-face, on the phone, and in writing. Email best practices.

Hands-on work
Identifying communication processes and channels to be put in place in order to clarify and optimize relations between stakeholders. Scenarios: Practicing active listening. Group debriefing.

Getting service providers motivated and involved

  • Be convincing to mobilize contributors and get them to join the meeting.
  • Structure your intervention plan: Context, project challenges, goals, action plan.
  • Various cooperative and uncooperative behaviors. Life positions.
  • Create a favorable relationship environment. Develop empathy. Grant trust. Give responsibilities. Create the right vibe.
  • Tools for influencing and motivating: Identity-realization, belonging, recognition-power.
  • Know how to give signs of recognition: The A.S.A.P. method (Appropriate, Sincere, Analytical, Personalized).

Hands-on work
Role-playing: A meeting to motivate a service provider without hierarchical ties. Preparing the interview with that service provider in subgroups.

Handling situations made difficult by status

  • Spotting major attitudes in communication: Aggressiveness, manipulation, passiveness, assertiveness.
  • Knowing how to "say" things with fairness and authority with the D.E.S.C. tool.
  • Managing difficult personalities and removing obstacles.
  • Anticipating and defusing conflicts.
  • Managing the vibe within the team.
  • Know how to refocus if there is a deviation: Prepare for the meeting, proceed through each step.

Defuse a managerial conflict with a service provider. Refocus an employee without a hierarchical relationship. Group debriefing.

Building a Personal Progress Action Plan

  • Self-analysis/diagnosis by each participant.
  • Highlight your personal talents.
  • Define S.M.A.R.T. goals, a schedule, additional resources. Formalize the expected results.
Participants / Prerequisite

» Participants

Accessible to everyone whose task is to lead, motivate, and direct a team without hierarchical ties, particularly service providers.

» Prerequisite

No particular knowledge.

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