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Managing an IT Project, hands-on Training

Hands-on course
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Duration : 3 days
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Directing a development project for an information system is an operation filled with pitfalls, as the analysis of difficulties actually encountered will show. This course, largely based on the presenters' experience, will give you all the elements for controlling the progress of your IT projects in terms of time scale, cost and quality.


In addition, this training course complies with the project management standards in force. As a result it forms an excellent preparation for certification examinations (PMP, Afitep, etc).

Introduction to project management

  • The notions of project and project management. The players in a project. Product and project. The project life cycle. Project process groups. Skills areas.

Managing the project's content

  • Planning and defining the content: analysing the product, identifying alternatives, analysing the stakeholders (the players). The models (waterfall, W, iterative). Types of projects: development, integration, deployment. Creating the project breakdown structure: WBS.

Hands-on work
Breaking down a project into components and defining the life cycle.

Managing time scales

  • Estimating workloads. Estimation techniques: expert judgement (Delphi), analogy, rising estimates (analytical evaluation), parameterised estimates (functions points), probabilistic estimates, general approach.
  • Sequencing activities: the antecedents method, arrow diagram, schedule network, determining dependencies, lead-time offsets (forward/back).
  • Drawing up the schedule: critical path, schedule compression, analysis of possibilities, levelling resources, the critical path method, the bar chart.

Hands-on work
Evaluating workloads with different methods. Drawing up and analysing a diagram.Drawing up and analysing a schedule.

Managing costs

  • Estimating costs: techniques and methods.
  • Budgeting: cost control, monitoring: budget indicators, building them, analysing them.

Hands-on work
Building a budget dashboard.

Managing risks

  • Introduction to project risks. Risk management planning. Identifying risks (brainstorming, cause-effect diagram, analysing check lists). Qualitative analyses (probability, impact, risk factors) and quantitative analyses (expected monetary value analysis, decision tree). Risk response planning. Monitoring and controlling risks. Audit: risk factors.

Hands-on work
Analysing tables and identifying responses.

Managing sub-contracting

  • Planning the contracts. Asking for offers. Administering and terminating the contract.
  • The players in a project: the general contractor, the contracting authority: roles and responsibilities.
  • Managing project integration: the management plan, leading and steering the execution of the project. Monitoring indicators.

Hands-on work
A do-or-buy decision tree.

Managing the project's human resources

  • The team. Motivation. Management style. Scheduling resources. Training, developing, leading the project team. The project information system: individual supervision and project supervision.

Hands-on work
Leadership style, individual assessment, project progress.

Managing project communications

  • Interpersonal communication. Scheduling communications. Disseminating information. Drafting the progress report. Managing the stakeholders: managing conflicts.

Hands-on work
Managing conflicts.

Calculating the profitability of projects

  • Types of benefit goals. ROI, return on investment. Investment decision.

Hands-on work
ROI, payback period.

Managing project quality

  • Quality control benchmarks. Quality control and project. Quality control planning. Quality assurance implementation. Quality control implementation.

Hands-on work
Metrics search.

Managing expertise on projects

  • Company memory and project memory. General structure of a project memory.

Hands-on work
Search for capitalisation from identified risks.

Participants / Prerequisite

» Participants

IT project leader, user project leader, project management, certification candidate and all players with a role in managing projects.

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