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Employee management: Managing with scorecards Training

Hands-on course
Duration : 2 days
Ref : GSO
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This course will enable you to gain proficiency in the tools that are essential to creating adaptable, high value-added scorecards. You will learn how to meaningfully analyze the data collected and create strategic tools from these reports.


Collecting information

  • Information from the employment report.
  • Use existing data (employment report, single report, etc.).
  • Organize the collection of information.
  • Indicators from the employment report.
  • The limits of the employment report for employee management and other sources of data.
  • Qualify the data. Adapt your scorecards to the objectives, uses, and types of recipients.
  • Write appropriate communications.

Hands-on work
Analyzing and interpreting the existing training data within your company (employment report, comparison of situations, HR information system).

The objectives of scorecards

  • Managing and tracking HR activities (recruitment, training, employment climate).
  • Risk assessment
  • Upgrade professional practices.
  • Relevance criteria for all indicators.
  • Qualify the data.
  • Know how to tell efficiency indicators apart from effectiveness, activity, or result indicators.
  • Track key indicators.
  • Ratios, controlling them.

Hands-on work
Defining relevant oversight indicators for your scope.

Creating your scorecards

  • Scorecard construction methodology.
  • Clarifying recipients' requests.
  • Adapting the contents of frequency of the scorecards.
  • Calibrating the data (internal and external references)
  • Knowing how to upgrade your scorecards.
  • Backward scheduling and production pace.

Hands-on work
Work in groups in order to make the existing scorecards match.

Using and interpreting the figures

  • Know the main ratios.
  • Use appropriate statistical tools.
  • Use data to make forecasts.

Hands-on work
Define different ratios and interpretation.

Optimizing your scorecards

  • Making your scorecards look appealing.
  • Knowing how to use different graphics.
  • The importance of form and substance.

Hands-on work
Optimizing scorecard communications by practicing the creation of impactful presentations.

Participants / Prerequisite

» Participants

Any employee in charge of scorecards or the employment report ("social balance sheet"), for example. HR managers and corporate management controllers, leaders of small/medium businesses and HR departments.

» Prerequisite

No particular knowledge.

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