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Cisco ASA Firewall, configuration and administration Training

Hands-on course
Duration : 4 days
Ref : CPF
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This course will help you acquire all the knowledge you need to deploy and maintain a security solution based on Cisco ASA.



  • Firewall technologies and characteristics.
  • Introduction to firewalls. Terminology and features.
  • Examples of architectures. The ASA product line.
  • Setting up an ASA. The user interface. Configuring the firewall.
  • NTP settings. ASA security levels.
  • Syslog configuration.

Hands-on work
Basic configuration of an ASA.

Address translation and connections

  • Dynamic NAT, static PAT and NAT.
  • The TCP Intercept function.
  • Connections, port redirects.
  • DMZ configuration.

Hands-on work
Configuring an ASA for PAT with two and three interfaces. Publishing a Web server.

ACL and Content Filtering

  • Overview of the ACLs.
  • Configuration of the ACLs.
  • Filtering malicious active code.
  • URL filtering.
  • Groups of objects.
  • Overview of object groups. Usages.
  • Configuring object groups.

Hands-on work
Filtering HTTP and FTP network traffic. Creating and using object groups in the ACL.

AAA configuration

  • Overview of Cisco Secure ACS.
  • Installing Cisco Secure ACS.
  • Configuring authentication and authorization.
  • Downloading ACLs.
  • Troubleshooting AAA.

Hands-on work
Installing CSACS. Configuring ASA for AAA.

Routing and switching

  • Reminders about VLANs.
  • Features supported.
  • Static and dynamic routing.
  • Multicasting.

Hands-on work
Configuring ASA for multi-VLAN, RIPv2, and OSPF.


  • Setting up VPNs.
  • Configuring IPSec.
  • The Cisco VPN client.
  • Configuring remote access with Easy VPN.
  • Configuring the Easy VPN server.
  • Characteristics of remote Easy VPN.
  • Overview and configuration of the client.
  • Overview and configuration of WebVPN.

Hands-on work
Setting up site-to-site VPN, VPN remote access, and WebVPN.

Transparent firewall

  • Transparent vs. Routed firewall.
  • Unsupported features.
  • Configuring IP addresses, ACLs, and ARP.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting.

Hands-on work
Setting up a transparent firewall.


  • Overview of Failover modes. Configuring Failover and LAN Failover. Setting up Failover.
  • Configuring Failover.
  • Configuring LAN Failover.
  • Setting up Failover in Active/Active mode.

Hands-on work
Setting up failover in Active/Standby mode, as well as in Active/Active mode.

Cisco Security Appliance Device Manager

  • Using ASDM to configure ASA.
  • Creating a site-to-site VPN and VPN remote access.

Hands-on work
Installing ASDM. VPN configuration.


  • Access configuration.
  • Levels of privileges.
  • Password Recovery.
  • Managing the iOS.
  • Configuration management.
  • License management.

Hands-on work
Updating the iOS. Backing up the configuration. Password Recovery.

Participants / Prerequisite

» Participants

Security managers. System and network engineers. Security architects. Network or security technicians.

» Prerequisite

Good knowledge of network administration with Cisco equipment and of computer security.

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