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ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 Web Development Training
with VS 2008 L1

Hands-on course
Duration : 5 days
Ref : AST
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This course will teach you how to develop real-world Web applications using the new features and functionality included in the ASP.NET 4.0/3.5. The course explains how to use Visual Studio built-in tools to access data by using ADO.NET. A module also covers how to create and publish XML Web services.


Introduction to Internet and Intranet development

  • Basic principle of a web server and html requests.
  • Static and Dynamic web sites.
  • Introduction to the .NET Framework. Benefits of the CLR execution model.
  • Main components used in today's web applications: ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Web Services, Framework .NET.
  • Keys to develop a Web application with ASP.NET.
  • Using the Visual Studio .NET toolbox to add server controls to a Web Form.

Hands-on work
Using Visual Studio 2010/2008 in order to create a web site and an input form.

Concept of dynamic pages creation

  • Principle and challenges.
  • Managed ASP.NET : inline code and codebehind.
  • Adding and using web server controls.
  • ViewState persistence.
  • Client persistence with the cookies collection. Server persistence with Session object and Application object.
  • The new enhanced persistence approach.
  • Fundamentals of a Web Form : Page Object.
  • Life cycle of the Page Class: events management.
  • Croos-pages PotsBack mechanisms.
  • Specific web files and folders in ASP.NET.

Hands-on work
Development of a Web Application involving cross-page postback through web forms.

ASP.NET HTML and Web controls

  • Transforming HTML controls and expose clients and servers events.
  • Exploring the namespace Web.UI.HtmlControls.
  • How to use the HtmlGenericControl class.
  • Integration with client script language like JavaScript.
  • Exploring the Namespace Web.UI.ServerControls.
  • Functionalities exposed from the basic server controls.
  • How to use the client-side and server-side validation controls to screen data.
  • User, Content and Rich Controls.

Hands-on work
Creation of an advanced user interface.

Data source controls and data binding with ADO.NET

  • Creating a Connection to the Database.
  • Displaying a DataSet in a List-Bound Control.
  • XML and the DataSet Object.
  • Development of web apps using Master/Details controls (GridView, DetailView, FormView, etc.).
  • Accessing Data with DataReaders. Using the new DataSource Model.

Hands-on work
Accessing an SQL database from an ASP.NET page and incorporating the data into the Web application.

XML Web Service

  • Overview of XML Web Services and SOA Architectures.
  • Calling a Web Service by HTTP. Use of a Proxy.
  • Creating and consume an XML Web service.

Hands-on work
Use the templates in Visual Studio .NET to create an XML Web service.

Participants / Prerequisite

» Participants

Developers willing to develop robust Web applications using the successful .NET technologies - ASP.NET and ADO.NET - under the Visual Studio IDE.

» Prerequisite

Ability to create HTML pages including table and forms. Familiarity with C# or VB.NET language is an imperative prerequisite in order to follow the course.

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Generally, courses take place from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:30.
However, on the first day attendees are welcomed from 8:45, and there is a presentation of the session between 9:15 and 9:30.
The course itself begins at 9:30. For the 4- or 5-day hands-on courses, the sessions finish at 15:30 on the last day
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