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Web Technologies

Internet represents now the universal foundation of corporate communications. With the Web, it provides access to information, and to a multitude of applications and services for professionals and individuals.


Web Technologies, overview, 3 days (Ref. IRT)  best orsys      

Web 2.0 enterprise social network, Synthesis, 2 days (Ref. WRS)        

Web Development, Fundamentals, 4 days (Ref. DSW)        

Developing with Dreamweaver, 4 days (Ref. HTX)        

Javascript, Dynamic HTML, 4 days (Ref. DHL)  best orsys      

Javascript, major improvement for the Web 2.0, 4 days (Ref. JPG)  best orsys      

AngularJS: Mastering Google's JavaScript Framework, 3 days (Ref. FAN)  best orsys      

JQuery: Developing Web 2.0 applications, 5 days (Ref. ERY)  best orsys      

Ajax, Client Programming, 3 days (Ref. PAJ)        

XML Implementation, Overview, 4 days (Ref. PXM)  best orsys      

PHP 5, Web Development, 4 days (Ref. PHH)  best orsys      

ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 Web Development, 5 days (Ref. AST)  best orsys      

Web Application Development with ASP.NET MVC 5, 4 days (Ref. ASA)  best orsys      

Java Web Programming, 5 days (Ref. JSP)  best orsys      

Struts 2: developing MVC Web applications, 4 days (Ref. SRB)        

SharePoint 2013 for Administrators, 3 days (Ref. HPA)        

SharePoint 2013 for Designers, 2 days (Ref. HAI)  best orsys