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Technologies, State of Art

Our seminars "state of the art" offer clear and accurate summaries of the most recent advances in information technologies : Big Data, BYOD, Open Data, Cloud Computing, Mobility, e- technologies... They bring you the necessary elements to make the right decisions for your organization.


IT Technologies, overview, 3 days (Ref. TEC)  best orsys       

E-Information Systems, Architectures, 3 days (Ref. AEB)  best orsys       

SaaS and Cloud Computing, 2 days (Ref. AAS)  best orsys       

Cloud Computing Security, 2 days (Ref. OUD)  best orsys       

Performance and availibility of IS, 3 days (Ref. PEF)  best orsys       

Networks, State of Art, 3 days (Ref. TER)  best orsys       

Networks and the future of Internet, 3 days (Ref. RNG)         

Wireless networks, 3 days (Ref. RSW)  best orsys       

VOIP, Architectures and Processes, 2 days (Ref. VIP)  best orsys       

XML state of Art, 2 days (Ref. XML)         

Web Technologies, overview, 3 days (Ref. IRT)  best orsys       

Web 2.0 enterprise social network, Synthesis, 2 days (Ref. WRS)