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Security of Information Systems


CISSP, IS security, certification preparation, 5 days (Ref. CIS)  best orsys     

CISA, Certified IS Auditor, certification preparation, 5 days (Ref. ISB)       

CISM, Certified IS Manager, certification preparation, 3 days (Ref. ISM)       

CLFE, Certified Lead Forensics Examiner, certification, 5 days (Ref. CLF)       

ISO 27034 Application Security, Foundation Certification, 2 days (Ref. IFD)       

ISO 27034 Application Security, Lead Auditor Certification, 5 days (Ref. LAD)       

ISO 27034 Application Security, Lead Implementer Certification, 5 days (Ref. LAI)       

Cisco ASA Firewall, configuration and administration, 4 days (Ref. CPF)  best orsys