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Personal Efficiency

Knowing how to use your strengths to better position yourself in your professional environment, increase your productivity, adapt easily to change and better manage your time, these are personal qualities that Orsys will help you to improve.


Improve your Personal Effectiveness, 3 days (Ref. EFF)  best orsys  blended learning   

Practical Time Management, 2 days (Ref. GET)  best orsys  blended learning   

Practical Stress Management, 2 days (Ref. GST)  best orsys  blended learning   

Assertiveness, 2 days (Ref. ASO)  best orsys  blended learning   

Managing Change successfully, 2 days (Ref. CHA)  best orsys  blended learning   

Make your skills audit, 2 days (Ref. BIP)       

Make a success of your performance and development annual, 2 days (Ref. VEA)    blended learning serious games