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Marketing and Sales Fundamentals


Marketing Keys, 3 days (Ref. CLE)  best orsys  blended learning   

Designing and implementing a marketing strategy, 3 days (Ref. MAS)       

The keys to customer relations, 2 days (Ref. CLI)  best orsys     

The keys to corporate communication, 2 days (Ref. CLO)       

Social media, organizing Community Management, 3 days (Ref. CMA)  best orsys     

Commercial for non-sales people, 2 days (Ref. CIL)  best orsys     

Essential Selling skills, 2 days (Ref. FOV)  best orsys  blended learning   

Professional Negotiation skills, 2 days (Ref. NEO)  best orsys  blended learning   

Skills for influencing and persuading, 2 days (Ref. AGC)  best orsys  blended learning serious games  

Negotiating contracts: Mastering all aspects, 3 days (Ref. NCS)  best orsys