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Fundamental skills

Team Management is not only based on business knowledge. It also requires interpersonal and organizational skills in order to lead, motivate teams and to effectively coordinate the work of many persons.


Team Management, 3 days (Ref. ORG)  best orsys  blended learning serious games  

Essential Management, 3 days (Ref. MOP)  best orsys  blended learning serious games  

Motivate and lead your team, 3 days (Ref. MOT)  best orsys  blended learning serious games  

Make a success of your recruitments, 2 days (Ref. REF)  best orsys  blended learning   

Make a success of your performance and development annual, 2 days (Ref. VEA)    blended learning serious games  

Make Every Meeting Matter, 2 days (Ref. CRE)  best orsys  blended learning