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Interpersonal Communication Skills

Listening, communicating, persuading, speaking in public, anticipating conflicts, are skills that are very useful in business. To address these issues, Orsys designed courses based on active teaching using role playing, simulations, individualized action plan, sharing experiences...


Optimize your communication, 3 days (Ref. COM)  best orsys  blended learning serious games  

Effective Interpersonal Skills, 2 days (Ref. DRP)  best orsys  blended learning   

Building constructive non hierarchical relationships, 2 days (Ref. DHC)  best orsys     

Managing conflicts at work, 2 days (Ref. GDF)  best orsys  blended learning   

Make Every Meeting Matter, 2 days (Ref. CRE)  best orsys  blended learning   

Speaking in Public, 2 days (Ref. PAP)  best orsys  blended learning   

Skills for influencing and persuading, 2 days (Ref. AGC)  best orsys  blended learning serious games  

Professional Negotiation skills, 2 days (Ref. NEO)  best orsys  blended learning   

Present orally your professional career, 2 days (Ref. POR)